With Firefox OS, we’re building the future of the Web!

In the spirit of showing what’s (and who) is beyond the code that powers Mozilla technology, I’m interviewing Fabio Magnoni, a contributor from Brazil.

Tristan – Hi Fábio, can you quickly introduce yourself?

Fábio Magnoni – I’m a Computer Engineer, I live in Campinas/São Paulo, Brazil. I’m 21 years old. I’m musician first of all, playing guitar on two Metal Bands, and I’m also passionate about racing cars.

Tristan – What made you want to contribute to Mozilla?

Fábio – Since I’ve started coding and learning programming languages, I’ve been interested about Free Software Projects. I started by being a part of the Ubuntu community then because it was my operating system of choice, then two mozillians, Clauber Stipkovic and Ricardo Pontes invited me to contribute to the Mozilla project. I’ve been a long-time user of the Netscape browser so it made sense to contribute back and help Firefox. Since then, I’ve realized that Mozilla actually is a big family, and it fuels my love to contribute to Mozilla.

Tristan – How did you start contributing to Mozilla? When? On what?

Fábio – I started giving evangelism talks, just to show the various parts of the Mozilla technologies and products in order to bring more people to the Brazilian Community. It started in the beginning of 2012 (around january).

Tristan – Which parts of the Mozilla project did you talk about specifically?

Fábio – The various pieces of the Kilimanjaro Event, that are the goals for Mozilla now.

Tristan – So over, the grand Mozilla vision! What excited you about it?

Fábio – The first thing is that it’s something new that benefits a lot of people around mobile, centered on user experience and the future of the Web. I got very interest about the Firefox OS project, because I believe that all the smartphone platform should be based on the web since the beginning, because the main reason why you buy a Smartphone is to be connected to the Web.

Tristan – And what’s the second thing?

Fábio – The fact that Mozilla is an Open Source project. You know, I’m an engineer. I like coding and hacking. The fact that it’s open enables me to fix bugs, learn from the code, without having to be an employee of the organization. Also, Mozilla give more freedom and support for the developers, because everything that Mozilla does becomes a open standard, so everyone benefits from it.

Tristan – Is there anything you’d like to share with our fellow Mozillians and maybe other young engineers?

Fábio – Don’t be afraid of big projects, and Mozilla projects especially, because everyone is there to help you if you have doubts, you can use the mailing lists and the IRC channels.

Tristan – And to fellow Mozillians?

Fábio – always try to find what would be better for Mozilla where you are, if need more people using Firefox desktop, how to improve the brand, or for FirefoxOS launch, what would be helpful to make it more succesful.

Tristan – What’s your wildest hope about Mozilla?

Fábio: Thinking about Mozilla in Brazil, I hope that we be very close to Android on the market share, people using the Open Web device.

Tristan – What’s your next accomplishment for Mozilla and/or the Open Web? What are you going to focus on?

Fábio – I’ll keep investing my time in building more partnerships with brands to prepare for the Firefox OS launch, while showing to Web developers and mobile developers that use non-Web technologies  how to make apps for Mozilla’s Marketplace.

Tristan – My hopes are with you! Thank you Fabio for taking time to answer these questions. Keep up the good work in Brazil. Muito obrigado ! Abraços!