MozCamp: fueled by passion

It’s hard to understand that Mozilla is a non-profit organization with huge contributions from volunteers. But one of the best way to to really understand and experience this is to attend a MozCamp. MozCamps are events where paid staff and volunteers get to meet in person (more than 300 people in Warsaw a few days ago), work together, discuss the future and have fun.

A Mozillian giving a kiss to Firefox

This may sound like an ordinary overall company meeting (aka “All hands” in the US), but the energy and enthusiasm that is felt during the whole event really makes it a different experience. The key difference here is that people do not attend MozCamps by obligation or to look for business opportunities. Mozillians spend a week-end to engage in Mozcamps because they’re passionate about the project: volunteers invest their time in Mozilla to make the Web a better place, and it’s something one can really feel there.


A Mozillian showing off his Firefox T-shirt

Tons of different sessions take place, from demos of products and technologies to training sessions about Quality Assurance, mobile development, localization and many other topics.

Group of Mozillians during a Training session on Evangelism

MozCamps have been created in Europe (the first one took place in Barcelona a few years ago) and they’re now done all over the world, from Asia to Latin America. These events demonstrate that more than ever, Mozilla is all about “The Internet, by the people, for the people”, fueled by shared passion for the Web.