What Firefox really is about

Here, on Beyond The Code, I try to explain what really sets Mozilla apart from its competitor : our Mission. Then, occasionally, I stumble on articles that demonstrate that other people (outside of the Mozilla community) understand this too. Latest example in case is Matt Asay’s article on Firefox legacy published on The Register.

I like the article so much that I wish I could quote it entirely here, but I’ll just mention a couple of quotes (but I encourage my readers to read the whole article):

Firefox 1.0 is arguably the most important technology developed in the last 50 years. Precisely because it is about more than technology. (…) Quixotic as it may sound, the purpose of Firefox was always to spread Web freedom.

Indeed: at Mozilla, Firefox is a means to an end, a tool to serve the Mozilla Mission, which is to build a better Internet.

So today when we use Chrome, Opera or even Safari, we should thank Mozilla and the community that enabled this choice.

I would even go further, if Firefox is not your main browser: have you tried Firefox recently? You should. We’re investing a lot of work to make Firefox faster, better and more intuitive. Download Firefox. It’s also available for Android. You’ll enjoy a browser which values are more aligned with your interests, and you’ll help make the Web a better place.

Already running Firefox? Then keep doing so, and spread the word, for example by passing this blog post along to friends!