People and principles are beyond the code

This is how we, Mozilla, define what we do in our Manifesto:

We create communities of people involved in making the Internet experience better for all of us.

What’s interesting here is that — in this sentence — we don’t mention Firefox at all. The goal is to make the Internet better for all of us, and that’s why we make Firefox (along with the very promising Firefox OS project). But a big piece of what we do, even if it’s not very visible from the outside, is to create communities of people. These people — that we call Mozillians–, in turn, build the products that make the Internet better. What makes makes Mozillians — most of them are volunteers — contribute to Mozilla? The Mozilla Mission, which is to make the Internet better. See the virtuous circle? Make the Mission exciting, and you get a vibrant and mobilized community, which in turn helps making the mission a reality, therefore more exciting (there is nothing more exciting than a utopia becoming a reality).

Part of the (excited) French-speaking Mozilla community, CC by Flore

Without the mission, we’re just a small organization competing with other browser vendors: Microsoft, Google and Apple. And Opera. Which, incidentally, are all publicly traded companies. Mozilla, with its few hundred employees (somewhere between 600 and 700 employees) is the small fish in the browser pond. Yet it’s second in terms of market share when it comes to desktop browsing. Without our community, Firefox would not be available in more than 85 languages, as all localization is actually made by volunteers. It would be the same for Quality Assurance, Support, Marketing, Documentation and many other functions of the organization.

So while the community is key in Mozilla’s success, it’s our best interest to demonstrate how Mozilla is doing its best to serve the community. Otherwise, we would lose what really sets us apart and contributes to make us a successful organization: our communities. This means that you can count on Mozilla for doing the right thing for Internet users: we owe it to our community members.

Is making the Internet better for everyone something that inspires you? Would you like to contribute to Mozilla? We’ve room for you. Head over to our Contribute page and see what we have for you. Welcome to Mozilla!