Mozilla: a vision and what it needs to make it real

Mozilla has just published its annual State of Mozilla, along with a very inspirational post by Mitchell Baker that I encourage people to read.

Today, Mozilla’s mission remains as important as ever. From Firefox through Firefox OS to our new Mozilla Webmaker educational offering, the goal is empowerment. It’s about unlocking the full creative power of mobile; standing up for user sovereignty, privacy and freedom; and helping millions of people move from using the Web to actively building its future.

We do this by building products, technologies, programs and communities that embody our values and empower people when it comes to their online lives.

Today, we see how the Web can make yet another leap in its usefulness, fun, business opportunities and social benefit. (…) Mozilla is building this world. We have the vision of this world, the architecture, the technology and the product plans. We’re building these products now. We have the financial resources to support these efforts. This is an exciting and very productive period. (…) Please join us in building this world.

Come on, help us, and join the crowd of people who want to build a better digital future for all of us.

Mozillians at the Mozilla Festival, 2012

Mozillians at the Mozilla Festival, 2012. Photo by Paul Clarke