Firefox OS App days around the world

firefoxOS-app-days_graphic_RGBAs you may know by now, Mozilla has been working on Firefox OS, a new, open and powerful mobile platform that will launch in 2013. At Mozilla, we believe that smartphone platforms should be open instead of proprietary. We believe that bringing the openness of the Web to mobile devices would benefit developers, OEMs, operators and consumers.

Competition is fierce when is come to mobile platforms, as the stakes are high. Apple and Google fight tooth and nail, while Microsoft is having a hard time catching up with the two leaders. How can Mozilla compete in such an environment, considering our small size compared to the dominant players? Mozilla has only a fraction of the budget and a much smaller number of employees than its competitors.

Mozilla will of course rely on partnerships with OEMs and carriers , but Mozilla’s unique advantage lies elsewhere: in its community. Firefox OS development is truly open and collaborative (i.e., the code is available during development) and the community is not only focused on code or product and Website localization. Case in point: the upcoming Firefox OS App Days.

Mozilla is organizing events to educate and inspire developers to work on Web apps that run on Firefox OS and submit them to the Firefox Marketplace. If these events were left to Mozilla employees to organize, only a handful of such events would take place. But thanks to the Mozilla Reps (volunteer Mozillians who represent Mozilla), more than 20 of these events will be held around the world over the course of few weeks in late January, a feat that could never have been achieved by Mozilla employees alone.

A pilot Firefox OS App Day was held in Athens, Greece, in December 2012, and more than 20 of these events will take place at Mozilla Spaces like Paris, Toronto, London, Berlin, Vancouver, and Silicon Valley, but also places like Rome, Bangalore (India), Madrid, Warsaw (Poland), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Manila (Philippines), and dozens of other cities.

Pierros demonstrating a Firefox OS prototype

During the Athens App Day, photo by Nikos Roussos used under CC license

Should you want to come and learn how to write applications that will run on Firefox OS and Firefox for Android, please go ahead and sign up for the event of your choice! It should be an opportunity to understand how Mozilla is bringing HTML5 and Open Web Apps to smartphones, and a great way to see how the Mozilla community works and become a participant!