Getting ready for FirefoxOS AppDays


In two or three days, in Paris and in 23 other cities in the world, the FirefoxOS AppDays will be held. Last week, my colleagues celebrated an important milestone in the development of FirefoxOS. Yesterday, a partner has announced the phones that are going to be made available to application developers. Colleagues are working on the developer documentation for HTML5 Apps. Next to me, a volunteer is packing T-shirts T-shirts that are going to be given away during the FirefoxOS AppDays. Another one is on the phone finalizing catering. In a few weeks, many Mozillians are going to be in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress.

There is some tension around me, but also laughters: we occasionally need to blow up the steam. it’s my favorite moment at Mozilla: everything is falling into place. Everybody is lining up. Shipping time is approaching. I’m impressed by everyone’s dedication, from employees to partners to volunteers. Everyone has everyone’s back. We’re a team, what we do is important for the Web and for Mozilla. We’re going to ship, soon, and everyone is excited.