Mozilla Summit and the nature of Mozilla

It’s been two weeks that I’m back from the Mozilla Summit and the vibrant energy that I perceived there is still fresh in my mind. I’d like to thank all the people involved in making the Mozilla Summit 2013 a success, from the organizers to the participants, with an extra, huge, heart-felt “thank you” for those who picked me to be the show host in Santa Clara. It was truly an honor!

The Mozilla Summit was a success due to the involvement of many people, but there is one talk I’d like to highlight, it’s Mitchell Baker’s Nature of Mozilla, whose video is available on Air Mozilla.

Mitchell Baker on stage

Here is the transcript of an excerpt:

We’re here, Mozilla is here and each one of us is here to build the Internet the world needs. We are here to build an Internet that is open and innovative. We’re here to build an Internet where people come first, where each one of us has as much opportunity, as much ability to make decisions and as much control over on-line life as we can manage. No one else will build this Internet, no one else can.

Mozilla is unique, we’re not a typical company trying to generate revenue for our shareholders, we’re not a government, we’re not a non-governmental organization. We are Mozilla. We are at our core not about a legal organization, we are about our cause and about the idea of doing things.

The heart of Mozilla is a global community with a shared mission. That’s what gives us power, that’s what gives us impact and that’s what allows us to have the impact that we do. That’s what makes us different, is this global community with a shared mission. Build the Internet the world needs.

I encourage you to view the full video if you haven’t already. But if you feel inspired, considering joining Mozilla, either as a volunteer or as paid staff. We’re building the Internet the world needs. And we’re having fun doing it!