A financially healthy Mozilla

Mozilla has recently issued its 2012 annual report, which we call the State of Mozilla. It’s easy to be distracted by these numbers, especially in a world where all browser vendors are commercial, publicly-traded companies and therefore all aim at maximizing profit. All but one: Mozilla is and will stay a not-for-profit organization.

Mitchell Baker, in a recent blog post goes beyond the figures, and I think it’s worth repeating here some excerpts:

Mozilla’s direction and decisions are based on our mission of making the Internet understandable, interoperable and open to all, while moving the Web forward as a platform for creation and consumption.

This is what matters. We’re not about generating the most revenue. It does matter that the organization has the financial power it needs to pursue its mission, though. Good news, we’re doing great on that front too. But like Mitchell said:

The finances are important, they are what allows us to support our work at the scale at which we need to operate and to advocate for the Web and the billions of people online. For us, however, financial return is not our main organizing principle. Our stakeholders are our global communities, the people who use our projects and ultimately all those interested in the health and openness of the Internet.

Remember, Revenue is the wrong yardstick! And now, onwards to a productive year 2014, with a financially healthy Mozilla!

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  1. Antoine wrote on :

    And a war chest can’t be a bad thing when going to battle for protecting our online lives!

    You probably have a word too much in that bit: “and I think it’s worth sharing repeating here some excerpts”.