Xulrunner on Windows mobile smartphone

Doug blogged friday about getting winEmbed and xulrunner going in the windows mobile emulators.  We were both using the windows mobile 6 professional sdk as the target (aka Pocket PC), because that’s the configuration that was checked into svn.  Unfortunitely, those binaries did not run on the HTC s730 I have to test with, which is windows mobile 6 standard (aka smartphone).

Well with some ever so slight massaging (there functions defined in the headers of the standard sdk that don’t seem to exist in the libraries, tisk tisk m$), I finally got a build going on my phone.

First I tried a very simple xul app I wrote that contained a toolbar, button, label and browser element (src=about:mozilla):

Hello XUL

nice, very nice.  Next I pressed my luck and tried bsmedberg’s MyBrowser. Lo and behold… it ran too. Complete with the network connection:

MyBrowser on s730

One last note about this.  This is a full debug build for the entire tree, with all the binary bloat that implies.  This makes me fairly optimistic that we will be able to run reliably on these types of devices.

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The Conversation {2 comments}

  1. Todd {Tuesday February 19, 2008 @ 6:03 pm}


    Hope, we’ll get some test builds soon 🙂

  2. Cat_d {Sunday June 15, 2008 @ 7:39 am}

    Is it possibile to have a build in private?

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