Fennec Tab syncing

Jono just blogged about one of the more unique (and down right awesome) features we’re planning for Fennec, tab syncing. Its part of our overall syncing effort called Weave.

Several use cases have been thrown around, but the one that rings the loudest for me goes something like this: You’re looking for a new restaurant to try from your laptop at home, find one and head out. Once you get to the neighborhood, you realize you have no idea where this hole in the wall place is. With tab syncing you can pull out your mobile device, launch Fennec and see a list of tabs open on your laptop (and all your other computers). You select the tab you need, and instantly are looking at the same content you had on your laptop.

Go checkout his write up, which includes screenshots of it working, at his blog. Great work Jono!

*Image taken directly from Jono’s blog

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  1. pit bikes {Saturday June 6, 2009 @ 11:19 am}

    Well folks, I guess this tab syncing is going pretty good.

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