Articles from June, 2007

Firefox support options

We often get letters, voicemails and emails asking, “How do I get help for Firefox?” That’s a good question, so I thought I would share the available and very helpful resources. Currently, the best ways to get help are to: … Read more

All over the world

It’s a truism* at this point in the 21st century to say that we’re living in an ever more connected world. In the Mozilla context, it’s particularly true that we often take for granted working as part of a global … Read more

A few foxy tips

A great deal of Firefox’s popularity is due to the ability to personalize it and add all sorts of functionality via add-ons. But there are some nifty shortcuts and features right in Firefox. I asked around here at Mozilla for … Read more

Firefox rocks campuses worldwide!

Much of the success of Firefox and Mozilla has been driven by our passionate community. Students, in particular, have helped build and improve Firefox by testing and contributing to the code base, and spreading it one dorm at a time. … Read more

Toolbox: Getting going with Firefox

If you’re like many people who’ve recently started using Firefox, you probably have questions about how to get the most out of it. While Firefox is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, we’ve found some great additional resources … Read more

Welcome to the new Mozilla Blog!

We’ll be using this blog to provide a broad look at what’s happening in the Mozilla community – everything from news to opinions to Firefox tips & tricks all in one place. Expect cross-postings from the great blogs out in … Read more