Articles from 2011

Mozilla to host Hive Learning Network NYC

Mozilla has taken over stewardship of Hive Learning Network NYC: a network of over 30 organizations using digital technology and web culture to fuel learning. Hive NYC links educators from libraries, museums and after schools programs around creative, digital projects … Read more

Update on Mozilla Enterprise User Working Group

Mozilla recently re-established the Mozilla Enterprise User Working Group as a place for enterprise developers, IT staff and Firefox developers to discuss the challenges, ideas and best practices for deploying Firefox in the enterprise. We want to share an update … Read more

Mozilla Launches Open Badges Project

Today we announced Mozilla’s Open Badge Infrastructure project, an effort to make it easy to issue and share digital learning badges across the web. More and more people are looking at badges to show skills and achievements online. Mozilla is … Read more

Announcing Mozilla Enterprise User Working Group

Recently there’s been a lot of discussion about enterprises and rapid releases. Online life is evolving faster than ever and it’s imperative that Mozilla deliver improvements to the Web and to Firefox more quickly to reflect this. This has created … Read more

Mozilla Launches New Version of Thunderbird

Editor’s note: Yesterday, Mozilla announced a new version of Thunderbird.  You can read full details here.  Below is an excerpt from the blog post. The latest version of Thunderbird includes more than 390 improvements and performance enhancements that make Thunderbird … Read more