Articles by Nicole Loux

Personas Gallery Welcomes Its 20,000th Design

Today Mozilla Labs announced its Personas gallery has reached 20,000 designs! Since its launch on March 31st,  the Personas experiment has provided people with easy-to-style, easy-to-share “skins” for your Firefox browser. The results have been inspiring. Since the launch, Personas … Read more

Bugzilla 3.4 Released!

Editor’s note: The Bugzilla Project released Bugzilla 3.4 on Tuesday, July 28, 2009. Check out the official announcement for more details. The Bugzilla Project released Bugzilla 3.4, which brings a lot of great enhancements for Bugzilla over previous versions, with … Read more

Mozilla Labs releases Jetpack 0.4

Today Mozilla Labs announced the release of Jetpack 0.4. The release is closely aligned with Mozilla’s goal of enabling open video and audio on the Web, and includes experimental support for recording audio directly to Ogg-Vorbis. These new audio encoding … Read more

Introducing Firefox Add-ons Contributions Pilot

Today the Firefox Add-ons team announces the pilot release of its “Contributions” program. Contributions will give developers the opportunity to request an optional dollar amount for their Firefox Add-on. Along with requesting this amount, Mozilla is helping developers tell their … Read more

Jetpack 0.3 Released

The Mozilla Labs team has announced the release of Jetpack 0.3. Jetpack 0.3 focuses on adding some new abilities, as well as continuing to refine existing APIs. The Project now has more than 60,000 people who have the Jetpack platform … Read more

Mozilla Introduces Harry Potter Personas

Today the Personas team launched a new “Film” category for Personas, which includes exciting art from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. To learn more see the Mozilla Labs blog post, excerpted below: Over the past three months, Personas has … Read more

Mozilla Labs releases Ubiquity 0.5

Today the Mozilla Labs team released a major upgrade to the Ubiquity project with Ubiquity 0.5. The release focuses on making the instructions you give to Ubiquity feel more natural and human, as well as bringing Ubiquity’s power to many … Read more

New Fennec Releases Available!

Today the Mozilla mobile team announced the release of two milestones for the Fennec project – Fennec 1.0 Beta 2 for Maemo and Fennec 1.0 Alpha 2 for Windows Mobile. Additionally, you can also download desktop builds for Windows, Mac, … Read more

Mozilla Introduces Add-on Collections

Today the Mozilla add-ons team introduced Add-on Collections. Collections enables anyone to create their own collection of add-ons that can be shared with their friends, posted on blogs, and featured on the Firefox Add-ons website. Justin Scott, Mozilla’s add-on ninja, … Read more