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Mozilla and Community-Prioritized Web Standards

Editor’s Note: Brendan Eich, Mozilla CTO, posted on his blog today about Mozilla and community-prioritized Web standards, excerpted below. Mozilla is happy to support Facebook in forming a Core Mobile … Read more

Mozilla and the Mobile Web API Evolution

Editor’s Note: Brendan Eich, Mozilla CTO, posted on his blog about Mozilla and the mobile Web API evolution. This is reposted below: Ragavan Srinivasan’s post about the forthcoming Mozilla Marketplace … Read more

ACTA is a Bad Way to Develop Internet Policy

Editor’s note: Today, Mitchell Baker posted her thoughts on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement proposal. Below is an excerpt from her blog: ACTA (“Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement”) is a proposed new international … Read more

Mozilla Fights for the Internet’s Future

Starting at midnight, Mozilla will join other leading Internet companies, public interest groups and citizens in opposing The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the US House of Representatives. We’re … Read more

Mozilla Publishes Do Not Track Field Guide

Editor’s note: Today, Mozilla published a Do Not Track Field Guide and shared DNT adoption numbers to date. The full post is available on the Mozilla Privacy Blog. Excepted below. … Read more

Mozilla Launches Web FWD

Today we’re launching Web FWD (Web Forward), the community-driven innovation accelerator from Mozilla Labs. Web FWD supports Open Web innovators by providing a space at Mozilla where they can build … Read more