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The Mozilla 2010 T-shirt – Vote Now!

Our latest challenge on the Creative Collective was to design the official Mozilla 2010 t-shirt, an exclusive item that will be printed and distributed to active contributors around the world. We received over 700 submissions from the community, which were … Read more

Bugzilla 3.6 Released Today

Today, the Bugzilla Project released Bugzilla 3.6, which brings some innovative new enhancements for Bugzilla over previous versions – most notably Extensions. Bugzilla Extensions allow developers to write their own customizable extensions similar to Firefox Add-ons, enabling modifications to Bugzilla’s … Read more

Spread Firefox Education Toolkit Launched!

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the Spread Firefox Education Toolkit. With the new Firefox Education Toolkit anyone can go out and teach people about Mozilla and Firefox.  The toolkit contains everything you’ll need – including a set … Read more

Earthquake in Chile: How to Help

This past Saturday, February 27th at 3:34 AM Chilean local time there was an 8.8 magnitude earthquake that lasted for approximately three minutes causing a lot of destruction throughout Chile. Mozilla has a strong volunteer community through both ChileMoz and … Read more

The Mozilla 2010 T-shirt Design Challenge!

I’m excited to announce the latest challenge from the Creative Collective: designing the Mozilla 2010 t-shirt! The goal is to create a cool design that captures the unique essence of Mozilla, which would then be printed as the official Mozilla … Read more

The Mozilla Store Needs Your Help!

We want to make sure that Firefox t-shirts (and other Mozilla swag) are always readily available to community members around the world who want them. So, as we think about the future of the Mozilla Store it’s really important that … Read more

Personas: So what’s your style?

Are you a Personas fan or want to change the look of your Firefox?  Firefox 3.6 makes it possible for you to change the appearance of your browser by selecting new themes called Personas in a single click and without … Read more

Five Years of Firefox in Pictures

Thanks to everyone for taking and creating such amazing images to celebrate Firefox’s 5th birthday.  In particular, we’d like to announce the winner of the Mozilla Creative Collective Five Years of Firefox challenge — Rogelio Calamaya, Jr., also known as … Read more