Articles in “Mozilla Community”

The Mozilla 2010 T-shirt Design Challenge!

I’m excited to announce the latest challenge from the Creative Collective: designing the Mozilla 2010 t-shirt! The goal is to create a cool design that captures the unique essence of … Read more

The Mozilla Store Needs Your Help!

We want to make sure that Firefox t-shirts (and other Mozilla swag) are always readily available to community members around the world who want them. So, as we think about … Read more

Personas: So what’s your style?

Are you a Personas fan or want to change the look of your Firefox?  Firefox 3.6 makes it possible for you to change the appearance of your browser by selecting … Read more

Five Years of Firefox in Pictures

Thanks to everyone for taking and creating such amazing images to celebrate Firefox’s 5th birthday.  In particular, we’d like to announce the winner of the Mozilla Creative Collective Five Years … Read more

Building the Mozilla Developer Network

Calling all Web developers! We’re looking for developers from all over the Web to help us build the Mozilla Developer Network.   Firefox is an important tool for many developers and … Read more

Mozilla Supports Web Open Font Format

Today, Mozilla is excited to join the organizations listed below to endorse the Web Open Font Format (WOFF) specification.  We are also implementing this specification in  Firefox 3.6 and beyond. … Read more