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New Firefox 3.5 Videos

Firefox 3.5 is the fastest Firefox ever – check out this video of Director of Firefox, Mike Beltzner running through the new features. Please note, you can view the video … Read more

Fastest Firefox Update: Videos Due on 6/28

Our Fastest Firefox project is in full swing, and we’ve already received some very speedy videos from members of the global Mozilla community (not to mention the world’s fastest clapper … Read more

Fastest Firefox, Part 2: More Speediness

As I wrote last week, the upcoming Firefox 3.5 release will be significantly faster than any previous version of Firefox. To spread the word about this achievement, we’re asking members … Read more

Personas Reaches 5 Million Downloads!

The Mozilla Labs team has announced that in only ten short weeks since the Personas launch, the Personas community has welcomed more than 5 million downloads! The downloads have been … Read more

Show Us Your Speed!

Firefox 3.5 will be here soon, and it’s shaping up to be by far the fastest Firefox yet: more than twice as fast as Firefox 3 and 10 times as … Read more

Mozilla Labs Launches Prism 1.0 beta

Editor’s note: Mozilla Labs released Prism 1.0 beta today. Check out Matthew Gertner’s blog post on the Mozilla Labs blog, excerpted below. Today we are pleased to announce the release … Read more

A new look for Spread Firefox

Tonight we unveiled a new design for Spread Firefox, Mozilla’s community marketing home. With the new layout and design, we’re striving to make the site more engaging and reflective of … Read more

Mozilla Support Announces Version 1.0

Getting help when you have a problem with your browser is great. Getting this help from a community of volunteers around the world is Mozilla! Earlier this week, we launched … Read more

Join Mozilla at SxSW 2009!

For all of you heading to Austin this week, here’s a rundown of the events where you can catch Mozilla. Hear the inventor of JavaScript, the creator of jQuery, Mozilla’s … Read more