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Join Mozilla at SxSW 2009!

For all of you heading to Austin this week, here’s a rundown of the events where you can catch Mozilla. Hear the inventor of JavaScript, the creator of jQuery, Mozilla’s … Read more

Heading to India!

Arun Ranganathan and Seth Bindernagel are just arriving in India to meet with our community and attend several events.  As you may or may not know – Arun is part … Read more

Mozilla Clubs

The Mozilla Campus Reps program saw a lot of growth in 2008 and we plan to build on that momentum by helping students around the world get better organized and … Read more

Visualizing Mozilla Community

Without question, community participation is at the heart of what makes Mozilla work — and rock. But if you’ve ever tried to describe the multi-dimensional nature of the Mozilla community … Read more

Mozilla Labs releases Snowl 0.2

Editor’s note: Mozilla announced the release of Snowl 0.2 on Monday, January 12, 2009.  See Myk Melez’s comprehensive post on the Mozilla Labs blog, excerpted here: We’re pleased to announce … Read more