Lightning 1.8b1 for Thunderbird 16 beta is also available

Also, those of you using Thunderbird 16 Beta, I have just uploaded Lightning 1.8b1 to If you have installed a beta version in the past, you will automatically get an update from 1.7b3 to 1.8b1, otherwise you need to download the beta version manually.


  1. I tried installing it. But addons manager keeps saying that its not compatible with 18.0a1

    • Yes, as you can see on the addons page, the version provided there is only for the main releases. If you want a prerelease version, please use the nightly builds, see the links on the blog.

  2. What I am missing is th possibility in lightning to change the size of letter and there is no proofreading.

    • Regarding spellchecking, see bug 402111. For the font size, if you mean UI font size, you will need to change the font sizes using general means like a userchrome.css file. If you mean rich formatting in the event description, see bug 143475.

  3. My Lightning version 1.8b1 was working OK, but now I no longer get the entries showing up when I call up the calendar view. It does show the daily entries on the right hand side OK, but formerly I got all the data showing up in the calendar that I had entered, but somehow on one of my computers with this version of calendar installed, it works fine, but on my other computer, the data for the calendar does not show up. Both versions of Thunderbird at 16. I cannot find any setting in the calendar settings that allow me to control this. There have been way too many versions having to be released, and it is frustrating to have things working fine and then have them go away with no seeming way to recover. When the Lightning versions were more stable for longer, this didn’t seem to happen. Mozilla is moving too rapidly to keep up with correct operation of this function.

  4. I tested a lot of programs like Lighting, and in the end chose the Mozilla because everything is very simple and logical. However, I have a few simple ideas for improving the program. I’m sure many users will like it. Please send me e-mail and I will describe exactly what you can do.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      Hi Alex, we tend to use Please search for existing bugs first and if it doesn’t exist file a bug with severity “enhancement”.

  5. Hi,
    please release a Solaris x86 Version.



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  6. Hi
    I made some plan for a week for the work to be done using thunderbird calander in my office computer. Later at home I had to make some changes and when I opened thunderbird in my home computer I could not do it. Is it possible to make some changes in thunderbird in my problem or the option is there and I have not been able to rule out.

  7. Hi!,
    I have used the chrome/user…css to modify the fonts (in fact to make them little smaller). What “tree” it has to be to reduce the font size in the “Tasks” listing??

    I’m loving Lightning. Just makes my work so organized!