Aurora Channel/Triage Meeting – May 10th, 2011

The highlights from today’s meeting…

  • Next merge to Aurora – discussion items
    • The next merge to the Aurora channel is May 24th, 2011.
    • Sheila Mooney and Asa Dotzler had met to pre-triage a bunch of bugs that people had nominated for firefox6 tracking.
    • Seems that many people are using this flag to try and get the feature worked on.
    • The drivers will review the list of bugs we minused for tracking-firefox6 and do blog post addressing why they aren’t being tracked and the path for getting them worked on.
    • Christian Legnitto owns putting together the release checklist for the merge and distributing that.
    • Christian also owns the l10n merge and will loop in Axel to make sure there are no issues.
  • Channel marketing
    • We would like to be able to change the word mark on the about box to reflect whether or not the user is on the Beta or Release channel.
    • This isn’t something we are going to get in FF5. We won’t rebuild the app for Release and make the change.
    • We will log a bug for the work to change the logo text depending on the channel and get it checked in on mozilla-central.
    • Marketing will own getting the bug filed.
  • User numbers
    • We went to 100% throttling yesterday – offering updates to all the targeted Beta users.
    • We have about 27K users on Aurora now.
  • Installer
    • We have a couple of installer bugs that are still lingering.
    • We determined that there weren’t any blockers here and these can be wrapped up. Any changes to the planned behavior will be handled later.

Full meeting notes are available here.