Aurora Channel/Triage Meeting – May 17th, 2011

Apologies for the delay in getting these out. Since since 5.0 has merged to Beta and the next Mozilla-Central -> Aurora merge is next Tues, this is a transitional week. We are focusing on next week’s logistics and cleaning up the triage lists.

  • Triage discussion
    • This week, the team will continue to triage the tracking5 bugs, tracking5 noms and aurora approvals on Tues/Thurs.
    • The Wednesday triage only session is canceled.
    • We have setup an approval-beta flag on bugzilla
    • Tracking5 security bugs will be reviewed in Thurs critsmash meeting.
  • Aurora backouts
    • Some bugs were backed out on Aurora but have yet to have a backout or fix implemented on the trunk.
    • The right way to track this is to use the tracking6 flags we tag it as something we need to make sure we deal with.
    • Alternatively, developers could log a new bug or clone the existing one for stuff that needs to be fixed or backed out.
  • Installer/channel changer
    • Still trying to get at the root of the current issues and what, if any tweaks we will make for FF5.
    • Sheila working on a detailed analysis of the issues
  • Merge logistics
    • We currently have localizers working on both Aurora and Mozilla-Central as their frame of reference but have not yet sorted out how to merge.
    • John O’Duinn has the next action on that and we will discuss during Thursday’s meeting.
    • We are going to lockdown checkin access on Aurora until the 24th.
  • Removing symlinks
    • A question came up about removing symlinks for mozilla-aurora, mozilla-beta repos during this quiet week.
    • John and Christian will work that out.

Detailed meeting notes and next actions are on the wiki.