Beta Channel Meeting – May 23rd, 2011

Last Friday we released 5.0b2 so there was lots of initial feedback to discuss today.

  • Stability and Metrics
    • We have about 100K users on 5.0b2.
    • We have been able to validate the fixes for a number of top crashes we were tracking on Aurora.
    • The top problems now relate to add-on compatibility. See bug 658780.
  • Feedback
    • We are currently investigating a number of newly reported issues
      • Slow resposiveness with youtube – Bug 659119.
      • A variety of issues with Facebook games.
      • Issues with Google docs – Bug 659120.
      • Compatibility issues with extensions – Bug 659176.
  • Add-on compatibility
    • Tracking a number of issues with add-on compatibility.
    • Rob to follow-up with Fligtar re: issues.
    • Christian to follow-up with Kev around outreach as a result of the top crash data and other problems.
    • Cheng putting together a top list of incompatible add-ons based on feedback data.
  • Unthrottling
    • We are currently throttling the updates on the Beta channel at 10%.
    • We made the decision to unthrottle the updates.
    • Christian to send the “go” to release drivers.
  • Next Beta
    • For now, we are planning on a weekly Beta which means the next build is on Friday and the release will be early next week.

Due to the US holiday next Monday May 30th, we will be using this week’s Wednesday triage session to triage tracking5 bugs and Beta approvals. We will likely follow the same schedule for next week as well. Aurora triage will happen Tuesday and Thursday after the channel meeting.

The full set of meeting notes and next actions are available here.