Aurora Channel/Triage Meeting – May 31st, 2011

Here’s what we covered in today’s meeting…

  • l10n
    • Joduinn and Axel have been working on determining which locales will use mozilla-central or aurora as the source of truth and some processes and procedures to deal with changes.
    • These lists will evolve over time but Axel will be putting together the initial working lists.
    • Axel and joduinn to meet again next week about l10n dashboard.
    • The full details of the 110n plans are on the wiki.
  • l10n coverage
    • Axel provided a list of some locales that haven’t been active for a while.
    • Some African locales might be good candidates for Aurora
    • Swahili(sw) locale should be up and running soon.
  • Branch naming proposal
    • There is still an open issue on the rapid release list to close on the branch naming proposal
    • Christian to review and comment in Thursday’s meeting
  • Metrics and stability
    • Making progress building out users on the channels but still need higher volume on Aurora to help uncover stability issues
    • There have already been some discussions and ideas proposed.
    • Sheila to follow-up with Christian, Asa and others to tease out short-term and long term initiatives.
  • Tracking flags
    • We still have some misuse around the tracking flags, particularly as people want to use them to focus developers work on important bugs.
    • Christian will post to the blog clarifying this.
    • We are adding a discussion item for Thursday’s meeting to talk about the use of the tracking flag, particular to track new features.

    Full meeting notes are on the wiki.