Aurora Channel/Triage Meeting Notes – August 30th, 2011

This is a summary of the most recent Aurora channel meeting (notes are published on the wiki as well):

Giving QA a heads up

  • Matt was talking about a previous proposal to somehow surface fixes/features/risky items in a release that QA needs to test
  • smooney gave some background as not everyone was aware of the proposal
    • This proposal/conversation was not widely distributed
  • Discussion about if status and tracking flags handle this already
  • Generally qawanted, regression, and tracking-firefox# should be what QA needs to look at
  • Project pages should help with features as there will be more defined up front
  • Had a discussion about how ~1000 fixes are too much for QA to go through
  • johnath suggested it’s better to start at 1000 fixes and whittle down to ones that need special QA attention than to have Product Management  look at their 7-8 tracked features and figure out if there is something missing
  • juanb said he can look at a changelog and prioritize but contractors and newer people can’t do that as much
  • asa pointed out developers often underestimate potential risks (he had a disclaimer saying how much he loves developers BTW) so only relying on developers to surface items isn’t ideal
  • Christian said it needs to be a combination of feature pages, hg logs, qawanted, and tracking flags
  • Another problem was surfaced that we do not use the current flags the same way on Desktop and Mobile

Growing the Aurora audience

  • Grace gave a presentation about what product marketing is doing to grow the Aurora audience
    • Engineering previously set a goal of 1 million active daily Firefox Aurora users
    • Current audience grows ~5% a week organically
    • We see a bigger growth rate (~20%) for source migration weeks
      • Takeaway: users care about features and the additional word of mouth translates into Aurora users
    • Quarterly goal for Product Marketing is to have 300,000 active daily users on the Aurora channel
    • Grace will add the slides to the wiki page

Action items

  • Juan is going to post to dev-planning about better use of the qa-wanted flag
  • Christian to follow-up with the mobile team and hammer out a consistent system
    • He will then blog and post to dev-planning about it
  • Asa to work with ashughes and QA to review the list of changes which are not obviously part of feature pages and try and isolate/prioritize those that need attention
    • This will happen at/around the mozilla-central → mozilla-aurora source migration