Great work coming out of Mozilla’s Taiwan office

You knew that Mozilla has an office in Taipei now, right? 😉

We’ve got a great engineering manager and three great engineers working out of Taipei, so far mostly on Boot2Gecko. I want to briefly call out what they’ve been working on lately. They’ve all just started within the last couple of months and are already kicking butt!

Shian-Yow Wu (shianyow on IRC): Shian-Yow fixed a long-standing bug preventing Wifi from working on b2g phones. He’s lately been hacking on virtual qemu devices that will allow us to test new hardware-interaction DOM APIs, and he continues to debug nasty issues; most recently an infinite loop in a stack dumper and a media crash on startup.

Thinker Lee (thinker): Thinker hit the ground running at Mozilla by setting up a qemu build that runs Firefox on Android (and b2g). He went on to add a fall-back path to our WebGL home screen that lets it work when WebGL isn’t available (uses 2D canvas instead). Lately he’s been implementing the lower-level parts of a proposed DOM “Sensor” API, allowing web apps to access proximity and ambient-light sensors, possibly among others.

Kan-Ru Chen (kanru): Kan-Ru jumped right into porting apitrace, a GL tracing debugger, to Android/EGL. He’s got it up and running already! Now he’s working on getting it working with Firefox for Android :).

And last but not least, James Ho has been managing our team in Taiwan, and continuously finding more good folks for Mozilla to hire in Taipei.

Please join me in welcoming our Taipei office, if you haven’t already.