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Weekly devtools meeting minutes (Apr 28)

28 April 2011

With our projects really underway now, we had lots of updates this week. I’m excited that the new rapid release process for Firefox is going to help us get all of this work into the hands of users much sooner than under our old process. Highlights from this week: A new team member: Panagiotis Astithas […]

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Weekly devtools meeting minutes (Apr 21)

21 April 2011

We just completed our weekly meeting, and the minutes are up on the wiki. Highlights from this week: Firebug 1.7.1 is nearly ready to ship Firebug 1.8a2 is due this week and adds a new memory profiler The Workspace feature has landed in the devtools repository and is on track for Firefox 6 Take a […]

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Weekly devtools meeting minutes

14 April 2011

The full meeting notes are on the wiki. If you were there, feel free to add to it! During this meeting, we had new people and new projects. Tune in next week if you want to hear about the continued progress on all of the projects we’ve got going.

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Weekly devtools meeting time changed

12 April 2011

If you’re interested in hearing about what we’re up to in Mozilla’s developer tools group, you can join us for our weekly meeting. Starting this week, the day and time have changed. We’re now meeting at 8am Pacific Daylight Time on Thursdays. The meeting page has the call in information and agenda. Have something to […]

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