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Web Console: where you want it to be, with nicer completion and more

28 May 2011

The latest Firefox Aurora features a number of improvements to the Web Console. Take a look at the Web Console at the bottom of the screenshot: First of all, the Web Console is at the bottom of the window! Many users liked the Web Console at the top of the window, but others wanted the […]


Weekly DevTools Meeting Notes (May 26)

26 May 2011

Take a look at the full meeting notes for the details, but I’ll give you the highlights right here: Firebug 1.8a3 is out. It works fine with Firefox 5, but there is a crashing bug on Aurora (Firefox 6) and Nightly. It’ll be fixed in tomorrow’s Nightly. It’s worth nothing that Firebug 1.7.1 is compatible […]


The Relationship Between Firebug and Mozilla Developer Tools

25 May 2011

As manager of Mozilla’s Developer Tools team, people keep asking me about how our work relates to the Firebug project. It has even come up in a tweet, but this is not really a 140 character kind of question. Johnathan discussed this a year ago, and what he says there still applies today. I wanted […]


Weekly DevTools Meeting Notes May 19

20 May 2011

Today’s meeting was filled with updates from work-in-progress. You can read the full wiki notes, but the highlights appear below: Mihai Sucan posted a demo of two new Web Console features that will be in Firefox 6: a new popup that makes autocompletions clearer and easier, and the ability to change the position of the […]

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Weekly DevTools Meeting Notes May 12

12 May 2011

This morning (or afternoon, for many participants in the call), we had our weekly developer tools update meeting. As usual, the notes are on the wiki and anyone is invited to call in. Highlights from this week’s call: The Scratchpad has landed, and we’re already getting some good feedback from nightly users. Scratchpad provides a […]

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Weekly DevTools Meeting Notes May 5

5 May 2011

Lots of good things going on in DevTools, and the full meeting notes will give you some of the details. Some highlights: The work on JSD2 and the remote connection to it is heating up. After careful study, we’ve decided to go with Jim Blandy’s remote debugging protocol as the communication protocol. Mac users can […]

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