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Weekly Developer Tools Update, Nov 17

17 November 2011

Both by popular demand, and by the fact that we now have a lot more to talk about, the weekly updates are back on this blog. As before, the full meeting notes are available on the wiki.

The highlights from this week:

We have a nice pipeline of features being worked on, and work is progressing on all of those fronts. Stay tuned!

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    4 Responses to “Weekly Developer Tools Update, Nov 17”

  1. pd Says:

    What is the future of Firebug vs “Developer Tools”? That’s all I want to know. Why are you re-writing the wheel? Is equal developer resources being given to Firebug as well as “Developer Tools”?

    On another note, Microsoft are evil. I was busy torturing myself with their own “Developer Tools” today and Firebug Lite didn’t help as much as I’d hoped. Will Firebug Lite ever become a native IE Add-On with the ability to effectivelly edit CSS live and with a layout tab, XHR listening, etc?

  2. kdangoor Says:

    @pd: we went through this discussion in May: and the situation hasn’t really changed

    Firebug remains independent and though Mozilla financially supports the project, the Firebug Working Group decides on its direction. In terms of financial support, Mozilla is putting more into our new tools line up than we do into Firebug. We believe this is the right path to take for the long term.

    Regarding IE: I have heard rumors of a project to connect Firebug to IE, but I don’t honestly know what became of it or if it has ever even been made public. I would suggest asking on the Firebug mailing list.

  3. Jithin Says:

    Hi, I checkout the new developer tools in Aurora. One thing that strikes me is how disconnected the webconsole and inspect windows are. Is there any plans to merge them?
    Also everytime I have to explicitly click on HTML to open it. Why cant it remember the last state?

  4. kdangoor Says:

    Hi Jithin,

    Thanks for checking out the tools. There are plans for greater integration between the tools and to remember the last state of tools you’ve used.