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Weekly developer tools update, Jan 19

19 January 2012

Here are the highlights from this week’s meeting:

Those are the highlights for this week. Check out the full outline on the wiki, and join us next Thursday and say hi!

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    4 Responses to “Weekly developer tools update, Jan 19”

  1. pd Says:

    Any progress on fixing the Firebug immortal zombie compartments?

  2. Jan Odvarko Says:

    I have spent a lot of time on hunting down the zombies, but there are no proper tools that would help me with it. and so, I haven’t done much progress.

    I am betting on this tool ATM:

    …waiting till the suggested tool is available.


  3. Jan Odvarko Says:

    Sorry, the bug is:


  4. pd Says:

    I hope that bug’s whiteboard entry of memshrink p1 indicates Mozilla is assigning more resources than just a few developers. That said, the best of luck to messrs mccr8 and Lebar.