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Weekly developer tools meeting, Feb 16

16 February 2012

The weekly meeting minutes are up on the wiki. Here are some highlights: Firebug has integrated the Source Editor, but it turns out that this doesn’t work in SeaMonkey. Victor has a Blender importer for Tilt. Some new commands have landed for the command line (tilt with screenshot, edit and pref not far behind) Panos […]

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Weekly developer tools update, Feb 9

9 February 2012

Here are the highlights from this week’s developer tools meeting. Panos is now a devtools module peer! Firebug 1.10a3 coming tomorrow extension API should be roughly complete and stable multi-line command line is based on Firefox’s SourceEditor, which means it will have syntax highlighting Firebug is considering moving to GitHub Pseudo-class lock API has landed. […]

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Weekly developer tools update, Feb 2

2 February 2012

Apparently, the groundhog says we’re in for another 6 weeks of winter. With this week’s release of Firefox 10, we’re also in for about 6 weeks of beta for the next Firefox and 6 weeks of development for Firefox 13. Follow along with our development by joining our meetings or reading the notes below from […]