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Weekly developer tools update, Feb 2

2 February 2012

Apparently, the groundhog says we’re in for another 6 weeks of winter. With this week’s release of Firefox 10, we’re also in for about 6 weeks of beta for the next Firefox and 6 weeks of development for Firefox 13. Follow along with our development by joining our meetings or reading the notes below from the latest meeting.


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    2 Responses to “Weekly developer tools update, Feb 2”

  1. groovecoder Says:

    Where can I get a build with the debugger?! <3

  2. kdangoor Says:

    The first code for the debugger just landed and is currently available in Nightly. You’ll need to set devtools.debugger.enabled to true in about:config and restart the browser to see it.

    Note, though, that there’s a good bit of distance to go and pointy edges (for example: you can’t close the tab while the JS interpreter is at a breakpoint! you can’t set a breakpoint without the command line!)

    I’d wait a few more weeks if I were you.