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Top Requests for Firefox Developer Tools (March 2012)

19 March 2012

Feedback, and lots of it Back in January, I wrote about some of the input we have received about the latest developments in Firefox tools for web developers. We get lots of input from many sources, including a new round of user studies that we just completed last week. What people are saying about our […]


Firefox Developer Tools Update, March 15, 2012

16 March 2012

Firefox 11 shipped this week and included the Style Editor and the 3D Page View in the Inspector. Big ups for Cedric Vivier and Victor Porof and all the reviewers and supporting cast who helped make those features a reality! This week, additional progress was made on the Script Debugger. Panos has nearly finished the […]

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Firefox Developer Tools Update, March 8

8 March 2012

This week in the world of the Firefox Developer Tools team: Rob‘s newly-formed Script Tools team is working furiously to get our new script debugging panel ready for general use: Mihai and Panos have landed some source editor changes which will let you set breakpoints from the script’s gutter.  Previously breakpoints could only be set […]


Weekly developer tools update, March 1

1 March 2012

The full meeting minutes are on the wiki. Firebug 1.10a4 has been released the pseudo class lock feature has landed in Nightly. It’s on the context menu of the page inspector’s “infobar” that shows the tag/ID of the selected element. A handful of Style Inspector changes have landed and will soon be visible in Nightly […]

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