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Firefox Developer Tools Update, March 15, 2012

16 March 2012

Firefox 11 shipped this week and included the Style Editor and the 3D Page View in the Inspector. Big ups for Cedric Vivier and Victor Porof and all the reviewers and supporting cast who helped make those features a reality!

This week, additional progress was made on the Script Debugger. Panos has nearly finished the pieces that will enable stepping support, landing the protocol changes needed for the UI work which is currently in review and making use of Mihai’s SourceEditor breakpoint support. Victor has been working on providing editing of Object Properties in the Debugger. Little progress made on the Dark Theme this week, though it is close to being ready for review.

The Global Command Line Interface went through security review earlier this week. There was some discussion about allowing dangerous commands to be marked as such and enabled through a preference. Joe Walker also spent some time with the Orion team helping out with integration.

On the Page Inspector front, copy and paste support from the Rule and Computed views in the Sidebar has landed thanks to Mike Ratcliffe. Some UI patches for the Inspector have been stuck due to some accessibility issues.

In Firebug world, the team has shifted over to Github and has seen a huge number of followers and forks in a very short time. Honza is bracing himself for the inevitable onslaught of pull requests that must follow. He’s also beginning work on integrating the much-loved extension FireCookie forthwith.

Next week the Firefox Developer Tools team is going to be in London, England. We’re not sure yet what this means for our usual weekly meeting, but we are planning on hosting a community day on Thursday. Stay tuned!

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