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Developer Tools 2012 Roadmap

15 December 2011

I have posted a draft roadmap for Mozilla’s developer tools in 2012. It’s a draft, and your comments are appreciated (the best place to comment is on dev-apps-firefox). Please take a look and let us know what you think! – Kevin Dangoor, on behalf of the developer tools team

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Weekly Developer Tools update, Dec 8

8 December 2011

This week’s meeting was well-attended and interesting. We actually ran over our hour-long slot, which is unusual, but the meeting didn’t seem that long! A few notes from the meeting: Firebug 1.9 beta 4 next week. Honza has been working tirelessly to track down some memory leaks. Cedric has created a new prototype HTML panel […]

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Weekly Developer Tools Update, Dec 1

1 December 2011

There was no update last week, due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. There was a meeting, but I wasn’t there… I was there for today’s meeting though, and the full minutes are up. I didn’t see it in the last update, so I’ll mention it here. The Style Editor has landed in Nightly! […]

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Weekly Developer Tools Update, Nov 17

17 November 2011

Both by popular demand, and by the fact that we now have a lot more to talk about, the weekly updates are back on this blog. As before, the full meeting notes are available on the wiki. The highlights from this week: Firefox 10 went to the Aurora channel last week, with a collection of […]


Do you write right-to-left? Help us test the code editor!

6 September 2011

In the current Firefox Aurora, we have a better text editor for writing code (JavaScript and CSS are two good examples). We have adapted the Eclipse Orion editor for use in Firefox. Unfortunately, in the process of bringing Orion in, we discovered what appears to be some deficiencies in how it handles non-English text. There […]

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Introducing Scratchpad

15 August 2011

The latest Firefox release includes a new tool for web developers: Scratchpad. The idea behind Scratchpad is simple: the browser is a fantastic place to experiment with JavaScript. Most JavaScript developers already know this and they use tools like the Web Console or Firebug’s command line to take advantage of the one environment that knows […]


Firebug: Alive and Well

25 July 2011

Last week, John J. Barton announced that he has left IBM and the Firebug project and joined Google. John has been leading Firebug for quite some time and he has made a huge contribution there. It’s hard to overstate how important Firebug has been and still is in the world of web development, and John […]


Weekly DevTools meeting notes (June 16)

16 June 2011

The full meeting notes have the details, but the highlights are right here: Welcome Nick Fitzgerald (fitzgen on irc)! Nick is an intern with us for the summer. He’s already diving into the Command Line and will also be involved with the Style Doctor Work on Tilt progresses, as you can see in Victor Porof’s […]

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Developer Tools Roadmap update

15 June 2011

I’ve posted a draft of an updated roadmap for Mozilla’s developer tools project. What we’re trying to accomplish overall hasn’t changed, but some of the mechanics most certainly have. This isn’t surprising given the early stage of our project. Please take a look and let us know what you think either in the comments here […]

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DevTools: Halfway to Firefox 7

15 June 2011

We’re now right in the middle of the 6 week development cycle for Firefox 7, so I thought I’d do a quick rundown of the features we’re tracking for that Firefox, with two special bonus features at the end. Remember that we’re following a release train model here. The timing for Firefox 7 is fixed, […]


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