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Future posts are on Mozilla Hacks

5 March 2014

TL;DR: We’ve moved We’re not adding new articles to this blog, but there are several alternatives to get your fix of Firefox developer tool news: The Developer Tools category on the Mozilla Hacks blog @FirefoxDevTools on Twitter The DevTools documentation on MDN and the Wiki which has more detail on getting involved with the project […]

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New Firefox Command Line for Developers

21 June 2012

There are many many tools and features that we’d like to add to Firefox developer tools, but if we do them all, there’s a risk that the interface will get really messy. So we’re creating a command line to help us contain the small tools. It’s quick to use and unlike conventional command lines, it […]


Top Requests for Firefox Developer Tools (March 2012)

19 March 2012

Feedback, and lots of it Back in January, I wrote about some of the input we have received about the latest developments in Firefox tools for web developers. We get lots of input from many sources, including a new round of user studies that we just completed last week. What people are saying about our […]