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Firefox Developer Tools Update, March 15, 2012

16 March 2012

Firefox 11 shipped this week and included the Style Editor and the 3D Page View in the Inspector. Big ups for Cedric Vivier and Victor Porof and all the reviewers and supporting cast who helped make those features a reality! This week, additional progress was made on the Script Debugger. Panos has nearly finished the […]

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DevTools Integration Build

21 July 2011

(Crossposted to dev.apps.firefox and my blog) Update February 14, 2012 by kdangoor: The link below for developer tools builds may not be active. Those builds have been used when we’ve had large features in development and wanted regular test builds. As I write this, you can find the latest developer tools on the Nightly channel. […]


Devtools Addons: Framerate Monitor, Workspace

12 January 2011

Last month at the All Hands meeting in Mountain View, we were lining up for tacos and Patrick Walton and I were chatting about some things. Specifically, about some of the interesting areas we could go with new developer tools. The Framerate Monitor “I think,” paraphrasing Patrick, “that it would be cool to have a […]