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Future posts are on Mozilla Hacks

5 March 2014

TL;DR: We’ve moved We’re not adding new articles to this blog, but there are several alternatives to get your fix of Firefox developer tool news: The Developer Tools category on the Mozilla Hacks blog @FirefoxDevTools on Twitter The DevTools documentation on MDN and the Wiki which has more detail on getting involved with the project […]

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Firefox 11 (Aurora) Developer Tools screencast

23 January 2012

I’ve created a screencast to show off the Style Editor and Page Inspector 3D view (Tilt). These features are in Aurora today and will be going into beta next week. I wrote a post for Mozilla Hacks about these tools last month. Be sure to opt-in to HTML5 video on YouTube!


Introducing Scratchpad

15 August 2011

The latest Firefox release includes a new tool for web developers: Scratchpad. The idea behind Scratchpad is simple: the browser is a fantastic place to experiment with JavaScript. Most JavaScript developers already know this and they use tools like the Web Console or Firebug’s command line to take advantage of the one environment that knows […]


DevTools Integration Build

21 July 2011

(Crossposted to dev.apps.firefox and my blog) Update February 14, 2012 by kdangoor: The link below for developer tools builds may not be active. Those builds have been used when we’ve had large features in development and wanted regular test builds. As I write this, you can find the latest developer tools on the Nightly channel. […]


Web Console: where you want it to be, with nicer completion and more

28 May 2011

The latest Firefox Aurora features a number of improvements to the Web Console. Take a look at the Web Console at the bottom of the screenshot: First of all, the Web Console is at the bottom of the window! Many users liked the Web Console at the top of the window, but others wanted the […]


Weekly DevTools Meeting Notes (May 26)

26 May 2011

Take a look at the full meeting notes for the details, but I’ll give you the highlights right here: Firebug 1.8a3 is out. It works fine with Firefox 5, but there is a crashing bug on Aurora (Firefox 6) and Nightly. It’ll be fixed in tomorrow’s Nightly. It’s worth nothing that Firebug 1.7.1 is compatible […]


Weekly devtools meeting time changed

12 April 2011

If you’re interested in hearing about what we’re up to in Mozilla’s developer tools group, you can join us for our weekly meeting. Starting this week, the day and time have changed. We’re now meeting at 8am Pacific Daylight Time on Thursdays. The meeting page has the call in information and agenda. Have something to […]

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Weekly meeting (Dec 8) plus Web Console Test Day

8 December 2010

In a couple of hours, we’ll be having our weekly developer tools meeting. Come join us if you want to hear about what’s going on or want to join in! Here’s the page with all of the details about the meeting: If you can’t make the meeting, you can check that page later on […]

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