My JS meetup talk

On February 9th I gave a talk at the Mountain View JavaScript meetup, hosted by Google, on some of the cool features we’re working on for the next version of ECMAScript. Max Walker from Marakana, Inc. did a beautiful job recording and editing the video.

Caveat: there’s one point in the video where I claim that in-browser modules loaded from the same URL shouldn’t share the same instance (aka “singletons”). Kevin Dangoor has recently prodded me to reconsider this, and I think he’s right: I believe we can share instances more like CommonJS, even in the browser. I’m still working on some of the details but I think it’s gonna be awesome.

5 Responses to My JS meetup talk

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  2. Nice talk, Dave. Thanks! Actually, I plan a similar talk (ES5, ES6) on one of the following confs, will spread this info (and current TC-39 work in general) also.


  3. Vassily Gavrilyak

    Very nice presentation with clear examples, thanks!
    One question about generators – was “composable generators” aka “yield from” from PEP 380 ( considered for ecmascript or spidermonkey? Looks like they can help with IO/Task patterns from your presentation, at least Guido plans to use them ( for similar purposes in new async datastore API for App Engine –

  4. Yes, I plan on adding something similar to PEP 380 to the proposal. Thanks for the feedback!