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Archive for January, 2008


One thing at a time: CFGs I’ve been working on a CFG extractor for C++ using Taras’ gcc plugin system, and I’ve got a basic prototype working. CFG stands for “control flow graph”, which is a low-level representation of a function suitable for automatic analysis. A CFG has two main features: it shows the control […]

NS_OK-always analysis update

First note: I forgot to mention earlier that the results of these analyses are being posted in Bugzilla as bug #407444. And as I wrote there, the analysis worked, finding about 10,000 methods that always return NS_OK out of 30,000 methods that return nsresult. The constraint system took about 6 seconds to solve using my […]


Yay, my first Mozilla blog post! Brief background: I’m working on static analysis-related Mozilla projects with tglek. In fact, I seem to have already become a maintainer of Pork-Oink and Dehydra Classic. Anyway, right now I’m trying to finish up a static analysis that will list all the nsresult-returning methods that always return NS_OK (i.e., […]