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Archive for May, 2009

OSQ: the next 5 languages for the web

In the evening at the OSQ retreat, we had some informal discussions about new scripting language designs and languages for mobile devices. The starting points for these discussions were (a) that scripting language programmers will soon want to use parallelism, and (b) that mobile devices will have uniprocessor performance at least 12x slower than laptops […]

OSQ: Dynamic language optimization

Random bits from the second half of yesterday’s OSQ events: Bill McCloskey gave a quick talk on his experience doing some optimizations to Python. (From a VM optimizer’s point of view, Python and JS are very similar.) He had previously used whole-program type inference to drive a translation to C, and in this way got […]

Berkeley OSQ Retreat

I’m at the Berkeley OSQ (Open Source Quality project) Retreat in Santa Cruz right now representing Mozilla. It’s an annual event where professors and grad students present their latest research results and ideas. There’s a lot of good stuff here, so I’m just going to blog about a few things that seem particularly relevant to […]

Google Summer of Code: Rodrigo Sol

A little while ago, Rodrigo Sol at the Federal University of Minas Gerais submitted a Google Summer of Code proposal to create a new register allocator for TraceMonkey. I’m pleased to announce his proposal was accepted! Rodrigo’s project idea is to implement Register Allocation By Puzzle Solving, a paper in PLDI 2008 by his advisor, […]