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Archive for June, 2009

PLDI Sampler, part I

I’m back from PLDI in Dublin. The weather was nice and the Guinness was excellent. The research program was also very good. It seemed like this year there was a lot of variety and a different topic selection from previous years. I’m going to blog some notes on an arbitrary (slanted toward things with more […]

PLDI 2009

Next week we’re taking the TraceMonkey show on the road to PLDI 2009 in Dublin, Ireland. Andreas Gal will of course be presenting our paper Thursday afternoon, and David Anderson (who is back at Moz for the summer) is also coming. Fortunately, the Mozilla 1.9.1 (FF 3.5) blocker list for JS is empty, and hopefully, […]


Last fall, we submitted a paper on TraceMonkey to PLDI (officially: ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation), one of the top conferences for programming language research. Our paper was accepted, and Andreas Gal will be presenting the paper on June 18 in Dublin, Ireland. We’re hosting a PDF copy on the blog. […]