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Archive for November, 2011

Tales of a Project Leader 2: arewefastyet

This continues the J├ĄgerMonkey project series. Part 1 is here. arewefastyet (aka AWFY) seems to be the most famous single thing in the project (with the possible exception of the project art). The story starts in spring 2010, late March or so, when apparently I said something like: we should have a web page that […]

JS Development Newsletter 11/23-11/29

Help Firefox get incremental GC Bill McCloskey has incremental GC working as a prototype in the larch branch. The current version is probably pretty crashy but does show the pause time improvements on some sites. It would help Bill a lot to get a list of sites that have big GC pauses now in Firefox. […]

JS Newsletter 11/2-11/22

Update since last time (11/1): Stuff that might affect you We are moving to a model where JSRuntimes are single-threaded. That means if you want to use multiple threads, you’ll create separate runtimes. (Web workers do this in Firefox now.) This is going to help us make a lot of simplifications to the engine, and […]

JS Team Update 11/1

For a while, I was pretty swamped, with not enough time to do a regular team newsletter. And then, I figured I’d have to go back over the past 2 months of activity to sort out everything that happened so I could write a proper giant update. But, I realize that’s way too hard and […]