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SpiderMonkey bugs in pictures

No newsletter this week: we landed a bunch of bug fixes but nothing major to write about. I did recently finish a mini-project to run some queries and analyze SpiderMonkey bugs and how we handle them. Here are the results in picture form:

Tales of a Project Leader 2: arewefastyet

This continues the J├ĄgerMonkey project series. Part 1 is here. arewefastyet (aka AWFY) seems to be the most famous single thing in the project (with the possible exception of the project art). The story starts in spring 2010, late March or so, when apparently I said something like: we should have a web page that […]

Tales of a Project Leader I: The Glue Person

We did a debrief for the J├ĄgerMonkey project a while back, and I had been meaning to write up the results as a sort of definitive history with all the lessons learned, but I never seemed to find the time. So, instead, I’ll try to write a series of blog posts on the high points, […]