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New SpiderMonkey blog!

There is now an official SpiderMonkey blog! Various SpiderMonkey developers blog about various things, so we wanted to create one blog that you can follow for everything SpiderMonkey. Personal blogging will continue, but we’ll link to SpiderMonkey posts from there. It’s already got posts on accessing variables, incremental GC, and IonMonkey. [Update 11:00am 10 Oct […]

Incremental GC now in Firefox Aurora

We’ve been holding our breath for a while on incremental GC (IGC), but now we can exhale: it’s currently in Aurora (Firefox 16) and working well. IGC comes from months of hard work by Bill McCloskey, who designed and implemented the incrementalization, and also spent a long time tuning performance and fixing the many subtle […]

SpiderMonkey API Futures

“I have altered the SpiderMonkey API. Pray I do not alter it further.” –Darth Mandelin It’s time for a new API. Why. The immediate trigger is that we’re building a generational GC. We need generational GC in order to greatly reduce GC pauses for short-lived objects and make games, apps, and audio/video run more smoothly. […]

Inline threading, TraceMonkey, etc.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here-I wanted to post some interesting results about speeding up SpiderMonkey using inline threading, but it turned out to be really hard and took a long time to get close enough to “interesting results”. At last, my patch is good enough to run SunSpider, and runs it […]