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The MoCo Handbook for New Employees

Don’t you wish there were one? That was my first thought upon coming across the Valve Handbook for New Employees. It has sweet comic book art and everything. After skimming it, my next thoughts were along the lines of: 300 employees and no managers at all? Everyone just decides themselves what to work on? What […]

Quietly Awesome

A couple weeks ago, I was in a lunch conversation about how Mozilla interviewers often expect, or even demand, that candidates act very enthusiastic during interviews. If a candidate doesn’t act enthusiastic, it tends to commented on negatively during the debrief. It’s understandable–we definitely want people who are excited about their work and about the […]

“What’s WebKit?”

Preface: I’ve kind of wanted to write some more personal and opinion-based blog entries for a while, but it’s been hard to start because I’m more nervous about self-expression than self-explication. And I think “Why would anyone want to read my random strange thoughts anyway?” And then when I think about some potential topics, it […]