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Static analysis newslets

I’ve been in interpreter-land lately, but I do help out a bit with static analysis projects when I get the chance. So I’d better post an update here on some interesting developments that haven’t been publicized yet. First, Keith Schwartz (one of our interns) is making great progress on automatic const-correctification for Mozilla. The basic […]

ESP: MSR’s little helper

The Javascript/Treehydra version of the outparam usage checker is finally nearing completion: all that’s left is packaging it as a patch that can go into mozilla-central (plus the inevitable future debugging). In my last post, I mentioned that the checker is based on ESP, an program analysis technique invented at Microsoft Research. A few people […]

Making Treehydra do useful tricks

Taras’ last blog post ended with a comment about “making [Treehydra] do useful tricks”, which oddly enough, is exactly what I’ve been working on, and I’ve finally made enough progress to blog about it. I’ve been alternating between implementing a Treehydra Javascript analysis library and adding needed features to Treehydra. Just today, I managed to […]