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GPS satellite SVN-15 retired

[From SpaceflightNow…] Frank Czopek, the GPS Block II and IIA project manager, recalled SVN-15’s rocky start before it got off the ground as well as its history once it became operational in 1990. The satellite earned the nickname “Firebird,” as … Continue reading

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Animated PNG

In late March, support for Animated PNGs (APNGs) landed on the Mozilla trunk. The web can finally ditch GIF-format animations, as the APNG format offers a superior feature set… Most notably, full 24-bit color and alpha transparency. I was eager … Continue reading

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Chromatabs 2

I released an update to Chromatabs today… [Edit: It’s no longer in the AMO Sandbox.] This version adds the ability to color tabs based on the site’s favicon. (This is off by default; you can enable it in the extension’s … Continue reading

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