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Cutest. Mascot. Evar.

(@ Google Video) I’ve had this video bookmarked for a long time, and finally decided to post it after seeing Grey’s post from earlier today. Baby red pandas! [Also known as the “Fire Fox”] Everyone go “Awwww!” in 3… 2… … Continue reading

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Tidying up .mozconfig

Long long ago, when I was first learning how to compile Mozilla from source, through some magical process I ended up with a .mozconfig file which worked. Maybe I copied it from DevMo, or maybe someone gave me their copy. … Continue reading

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Images In Motion

A few months ago I noticed that the video presentations on DevMo were rather unwieldy to watch… A 280 MB Quicktime download doesn’t exactly offer immediate gratification! So, I uploaded all the videos on that page to, and today … Continue reading

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Confluence of thoughts…

I read Gerv’s post from earlier today (“Choice considered harmful”), as well as the predictable replies to it. It’s a rich topic to debate, but one thought that particularly strikes me is that with computers running billions of instruction per … Continue reading

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Solaris redux

Allow me to hoist my suspenders and stroke my scruffy gray beard for a few moments… I’ve been a Solaris user for a long time now. I started with SunOS 4.1.3 in college, hacked on a Solaris 2.5.1-based proxy firewall … Continue reading

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