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On Monday I posted a Mozilla Labs blog entry discussing the APNG Edit extension I was releasing. Just for fun, I thought I’d convert my favorite Firefox Flicks video to the APNG format…. The compression algorithms in APNG and AGIF … Continue reading

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Inflammable interns? What a country!

So, we’re here at Songbird’s sweet new digs, enjoying the party, when one of our interns leaned against a candle and caught on fire. Oops. [Yes, I’m being a nerd and blogging this on my N800 from the party. Yay … Continue reading

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The goggles do nothing!

Now that Minefield Alpha 7 has shipped, nightly builds have become version “3.0a8pre”. This has had the unfortunate side-effect of breaking Adblock, until someone updates its maxversion on AMO. [Or I ‘fix’ it locally, by installing NTT or one of … Continue reading

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